Best Apps to Combine Photo on Android & iOS!

Apps to Combine Photos

Are you looking to make an emotional collage for your anniversary? Or did you come up with a hilarious meme that needs two images merged into one? Well, photo combiner apps are exactly what you need.  

Now, combining photos can mean a few things. Typically, combining photos means creating a collage of images. However, there can be other ways to combine photos as well. For example, cropping a part of a photo to stick on to another photo. Similarly, you can blend two pictures together to create one.  

Best Photo Editing Apps to Merge Photos

Photo combiner apps can make collages, blend photos, and do a whole lot of other picture editing stuff. But not all apps are the same, which means you need to select the app which best meets your purpose.  

Here are the best Photo Combiner apps for mobile: 


Platform: iOSAndroid 

Since most people need photo combiner apps to create collages, PicCollage is a great pick for that. It’s a sophisticated app that goes beyond creating collages. In addition to that, it also has a double exposure tool and photo effects that you can play with to make the photos better.  

For collages, you can combine two to five images. There are several templates for collages you can choose from to make the process easier. If you’re making collages for the holidays, you’ll love this app as it has a wide collection of Christmas-themed templates for collages. 


Platform: iOSAndroid 

Photoblend is another great app for combining photos, especially blending two images together.  What makes this unique is that it’s not a collage maker but a blender, which turns two images into one. For instance, if you want a texture on your skin or want trees in the backdrop, blending photos may be an option.  

Want to make things even more artistic? You can throw on some unique frames on the blended photos. It has several frame templates to choose from.  



Platform: iOSAndroid 

When talking about combining photos, the PicsArt app deserves mention. It’s one of the most popular pictures editing apps right now, with millions of downloads. Also, it’s totally free, so that’s an added bonus.  

You can create beautiful collages and add diverse effects to transform pictures. Whether you want to change your hair color or add some butterflies hovering around you, this app lets you do so much.  

Just let your creativity flow and do more than simply combining two or more photos. Any creative individual would love this photo-editing and combining app.  

Image Blender 

Platform: iOS 

Image Blender is a fantastic app for iPhone and iPad users that allows for blending photos beautifully. What would take you a long time to do on Adobe Photoshop can be achieved in minutes with this photo combiner app.  

It uses multi-exposure for blending photos. There are filters available, but instead of applying filters to the entire photo, you can select where exactly you want to apply it. Isn’t that cool? 

Another great feature for photographers and artists is that you can add watermarks as well.  

Ultimate Photo Blender/Mixer 

Ultimate Photo Blender Mixer

Platform: iOSAndroid 

The Ultimate Photo Blender/Mixer is a great app for creating diffused images by blending two pictures. It offers a slew of features for this purpose, including double exposure, multiple exposure, filters, effects, overlays, and mixing.  

The user interface is quite easy, so even a novice can learn how to use the app. You can improve your editing skills on this app a lot.  

Wrap Up 

These five photo combiner apps are perfect for blending photos. If you’re looking for just a collage, then PicCollage or PicsArt should be your choice. All these apps are free to use.  

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