7 Best Facial Recognition Software for Your Windows PC!

Best Facial Recognition Software for PC

Facial recognition technology has been a game-changer for many industries. Especially after the global pandemic, the world has shifted to touchless systems, and facial recognition systems have become critical for numerous applications. 

For instance, companies are now shifting towards facial recognition for attendance. Moreover, facial recognition software allows users to identify faces and compare them with databases for different applications. 

So, what are the best facial recognition software for PCs? While there are many options available, there are some incredible options you can use for free. Here are some of the top options. 


Facebook researchers developed DeepFace, and it’s a handy lightweight option for facial recognition and analysis. It consists of a wide range of facial attribute analytical frameworks, and it has vast datasets of facial images to work with. 

In terms of accuracy, the researchers believe that the software has dramatically evolved, and it can now predict accurate facial recognitions nearly to human-level accuracy. Therefore, it has vast applications in many sectors, and it’s an appealing technology for Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning. 


Face++ provides an open platform for AI to both premium and free users. Interestingly, there is no usage limit for either of the two packages. It enables the applications to read and understand from the different computer vision technologies. 

The software lets users work with deep-learning technologies and image-based analysis by integrating with powerful APIs and SDKs. The software has a lot to offer for commercial users, so there are numerous payment plans and packages to choose from. Users can opt for monthly and Pay-as-you-Go plans and optional technical support. 


Clarifai is an incredible facial recognition software, and it has immense applications for artificial intelligence. It features Clarifai API and the portal to integrate the software with a facial detection system. 

It predicts detection probability scores and likelihood chances in images that contain human faces. Moreover, it can also tell the location of the faces on the image.   

Clarifai has already found vast applications in the retail, media, and hospitality sectors. It can work with still images, videos and provides text recognition services. 

OpenFace Tracker 

Open Facetracker Software

OpenFace Tracker is a facial recognition tool that provides open-source services for facial detection for single and multiple faces in still images and videos. The detection allows the software to identify faces from an extensive database. 

It also provides features like real-time image processing and face identification, and it’s compatible with Windows and other operating systems. 


FaceFirst provides facial recognition solutions for retail stores, grocery, and departmental stores. In addition, it’s useful for general safety and anti-theft measures, providing a full range of biometric surveillance features for PCs and mobile devices. 

FaceFirst works with high-quality cameras, and it easily integrates with the current technologies, making it an easily deployable software solution for commercial purposes. In addition to recognition, FaceFirst also provides authentication, access control, age verification, in-person ID verification, and online ID verification features. 


Picasa is rated as one of the best face recognition software thanks to its easy interface and free features. For example, you can tag photos of a person, and it will identify the person in all the other pictures you provide to the software. 

It can auto-tag a person in the database, and the facial recognition tool provides accurate predictions from complex and crowded photos. 

Picasa Facial Recognition Software

Picasa’s recognition accuracy depends on various factors. For instance, the more photos you provide to the system, the more accurately it will recognize a particular face. Moreover, it also depends on the clarity of the pictures. Also, it provides tools for image editing and red-eye removal. 


DeepVision provides accurate facial recognition features, and it’s a helpful software for advertising, safety, and urban planning. It can accurately predict gender estimation, age, facial detection, and recognition based on live and still images thanks to its wide range of features. 

DeepVision works with a wide range of cloud-based on-premise solutions. It also has applications in incident detection, pedestrian safety, vehicle recognition, and automated video analysis. Therefore, it’s a handy option for both personal and commercial applications. 


Facial recognition software is easy and remarkably handy for PC and mobile users. A wide range of this software provides ease in several aspects like facial identification, recognition, and security purposes. 

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