4 Best Football Streaming Apps to Watch Live Matches and Scores!

Football Streaming Apps

Did you know that football is the most widely watched sport in the world? With viewership in millions for every major league or cup, this sport is truly a major favorite around the world.  

But to enjoy it, you don’t need to be in the stadium or even need a TV. You can even stream football on your mobile device or computer with the help of football streaming apps. 

Best Football Streaming Apps  

Most of these apps are free to use and stream many of the football sporting events live. With this sport being so popular, matches are taking place every week. So whether you’re a European Championship fan or English Premier League fan, you can stream football from anywhere in the world through the following apps listed on DesktopTwo Blog: 

Live Soccer TV 

Platform: AndroidiOS 

Live Soccer TV (previously Live Football TV) is the most popular app for watching football on mobile devices. Available for both Android and iOS now, the app doesn’t just stream football matches but also reports scores of the matches live, very comprehensively in an easy-to-understand format.  

So if you’re at work and cannot stream the match, you can at the very least keep an eye on the scores through the app. What really makes Live Soccer TV the best for streaming football is that it’s truly all things football. There’s no match or event that they don’t cover.  

By the way, this app is from LiveSoccerTV.com, which you can use to stream football through the browser on Windows 

StarTimes ON  

Platform: AndroidiOS 

StarTimes ON is a streaming app that can also stream channels. You can choose from up to 400 channels, many of which are popular sports channels. So if you like watching football on a specific channel like ESPN, you can directly stream that channel on your phone or tablet.  

This app streams football matches from a wide range of leagues and not just the mainstream ones. If you’re a fan of African leagues, you can even find some African football leagues and tournaments on this app.  

Another great feature is setting reminders. If you’re looking forward to watching a match live, just set a reminder, and you will receive a notification when the match begins.  


Platform: iOSAndroid, Windows 

ESPN Football Streaming App

ESPN is the go-to for many sports fans, including football fans. You can stream hundreds of football matches that air live on ESPN channels. If you’re a fan of American football, you can also stream NFL matches.  

However, not all the content is free. For additional content and exclusive events, you’ll need to subscribe to ESPN+. The best part is that you can stream matches in HD quality right from your mobile device, computer, or smart TV.  


Platform: Android, Windows, Mac 

Mobdro is another app for watching football that you can use on your Android phone or tablet, as well as PC (both Windows and Mac). However, it’s not available for iOS yet.  

Mobdro doesn’t just stream matches but also keeps old matches that you can watch again, or in case if you missed the live streaming, you can watch it later.  

Another plus for this app is that it isn’t just for football streaming, it also hosts some movies and music. Essentially, it’s an entertainment app that includes both sports and movies content. Also, all of this is free content, but that does mean you have to see ads. However, if ads bother you, you can buy premium membership and get rid of them.  

Wrap Up 

Football streaming apps have changed the way fans watch football. You can now watch it live from anywhere as long as you have a mobile and internet connection. Most apps allow free streaming, which is simply great.  

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