5 Best Photo Sharing Apps for Android and iOS!

Best Photo Sharing Apps

Sharing our daily routine or some of the places you visit, or some precious moments of life is essential for most of us. Now, everyone has a smartphone, so capturing photos is no longer a problem. 

There was a time when we cherished actual photo albums, but things have changed dramatically over the last few years. Whether it’s birthday parties, weddings, or other special events, sharing these moments with your relatives, friends, co-workers, etc. 

Previously, sharing these photos was quite a hassle, and we had to employ tricks like transferring pictures from iPhone to Windows devices. While these tricks may still be workable, why bother when you can share pictures through photo-sharing apps. 

Sharing photos via apps is straightforward, reliable, and very fast. All you need is a smartphone with an online account, and you can get started instantly. So, what are the best photo-sharing apps? Find out here. 

Google Photos 

Google Photos is one of the most widely used photo-sharing apps, and it’s straightforward to upload and share photos and videos with your loved ones. In addition, Google Photos comes with many exciting features that not just let you share but also edit and enhance your photos. 

If you have an Android device, Google Photos lets you backup the photos automatically. Therefore, all your photos are backed up on the cloud, providing you with more phone memory for other files. 

Secondly, you can access the photos from anywhere through your Google Account by logging onto photos.google.com, and you can set different privacy settings. 

Google Photos

Unlike social photo-sharing apps, you can set different privacies on different photos and albums and add participants to your albums. In addition, you can share up to 1500 photos through a link. 

It’s fast, intuitive, and effortless. Even though it’s a Google product, it’s also available for iOS devices on the App Store. 

500 px 

500 px is a great app for professional photographers. If you have an artistic mind and like capturing creative photos, this app will suit your style. 

It may seem like Instagram, but it’s not a social media platform. Here, you can create a network with like-minded people who like to capture creative photos and are looking for admirers who understand photography. 

Unlike social networks where everyone is your audience, 500 px is one for the specialists, so the viewers can look beyond the photos and admire what inspired these photos. So if you like aesthetics and professional photography of sceneries like sunsets, cities, art, etc., you will enjoy 500 px to the fullest. 

Users can comment and subscribe to accounts, and photo sharing is effortless. More than 15 million users speak extensively about the success of this app available for both Android and iOS. 

Adobe Creative Cloud 

Adobe Creative Cloud is an app for designers and photo editors. It allows the users to share and comment on edited pictures. Effectively it’s for photography professionals who can edit and then publish their work on Behance. 

Adobe Creative Cloud accesses all your mobile apps and can synchronize with the desktop and other online programs. If you’re on Adobe Portfolio, you can add your work from Creative Cloud to display it for other viewers too. 


Instagram is arguably the most favorite application for smartphone users who regularly share photos, whether their photography or some scenic pictures from elsewhere. The app is incredibly famous, with more than 500 million users to date. 

Instagram allows you to synchronize your other social accounts like Twitter, Facebook, etc., so you can share the photos from a platform across different channels. In addition, it’s loaded with photo editing features to give you complete control over what the users should see. 

It’s an intuitive app that lets you post instantly to your account without a complicated process. It’s available for both Android and iOS devices. 

iCloud Drive 

iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive is a dedicated photo-sharing app for iPhone and iPad users. The drive allows you to store up to 5GB of photos and videos on a single account. In addition, you can tag other users by adding their names and contact to the photos. 

There are easy sharing tools and intelligent image grouping, and it allows multiple users to upload photos in a single album. Sadly, there is no Android version of the app, but it’s still a delight for iOS device users who can brag about their iPhone photography through cloud storage. 


Photo-sharing apps have been a game-changer for photography lovers. If you have a smartphone, all you need is one of these fantastic apps, and you can get to share your photos and videos instantly. 


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