7 Games Like Among Us You’ll Fall in Love Right Away!

Games like Among Us

Among Us is a popular online social deduction game that came up in 2018. Inspired by the horror movie ‘The Thing’ and the popular game ‘Mafia,’ this game was like a breath of fresh air for multiplayer gaming lovers. 

Among Us was initially launched for Android and iOS devices, but later, its Windows version was also introduced mainly due to the game’s popularity. Even though it didn’t receive enough praise initially, Among Us got users’ attention during 2020 when people were home-stricken due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Since that time, several other games have popped up, based on a similar theme like Among Us. If you like the concept of this game, you will surely love some of the other variations that we will discuss in this post. 

Enemy on Board 

Platform: Online 

Enemy on Board introduces two alien imposters who are on Board with a crew repairing a spaceship. In terms of graphics, it’s way ahead of Among Us, as the producers introduced a 3D bird’s eye view for the entire game. 

Enemy on Board initially received highly positive reviews, which makes it a must-try game. Like Among Us, it’s a murder mystery, so if you have enjoyed that game, you will enjoy Enemy on Board too. 

Secret Neighbor 

Platform: iOSPlayStation 

Secret Neighbor was released in 2019 after the success of its previous hit ‘Hello Neighbor.’ Secret Neighbor is quite like Among Us, where you have to find out the one Neighbor in disguise. 

Secret Neighbor Game

Secret Neighbor introduces slasher-ESC madman, a popular character from Hello Neighbor, and he’s now among a group of several others. It’s a multiplayer game as intruders try to find out that one neighbor in disguise. 

Town of Salem 

Platform: Web, AndroidiOS 

Town of Salem is another murder mystery that features numerous online gamers, and it was highly appreciated as online streamers featured this game consistently on their social platforms. 

The town of Salem has a slight variation from Among Us and Enemy on Board. Instead of two factions, there are three groups including Town, Mafia, and Neutral. Each team tries to be the last one standing. In addition, there are serial killers, werewolves, arsonists, and much more. 

Players can take up multiple roles like investigators, jailors, etc. In short, a lot is going on in there, and it’s a game worth exploring. 


Platform: Windows (Steam) 

It’s another social deduction game where players look to infect their friends with a deadly virus. Each round has six players where two players are infected with ‘Monster-itis.’ All players are locked in a dungeon as players look to escape the dungeon in two phases. 

The infected ‘monsters’ are looking for blood bags during the daytime. There are vote-outs, shooting, and stabbing, making it an intriguing yet horrifying game for game lovers. 

Unfortunate Spacemen 

Platform: Windows (Steam) 

Unfortunate Spacemen features a storyline where you are stranded on a spaceship with monsters who pretend to be your friends. Interestingly, this game’s intense, realistic graphics and first-person view intensify the gaming experience and add spookiness to it. 

Unfortunate Spacemen 

The monsters freely choose the crew member they want to impersonate and lay traps to kill the spacemen on board. It’s a team game where you work with other players to take down the monsters. On the way, players must complete different tasks to progress, with several items and prizes waiting for them. 

Fight Party 

Platform: Windows (Steam),  

Fight Party is a split-screen online fighting game where you will be involved in different combats and use different weapons to take down the opponents. It’s like Among Us in terms of strategy making. 

The last one standing wins the game as players explore through different maps to conquer different enemies on the way. 

Push the Button 

Platform: Online 

In this game, you are set on a ship with intruder aliens disguised as ship crew members. The alien imposters are difficult to identify, but there are many tests to help you pick out the intruders. 

The last team standing wins the game. It’s an online game with multiple players per team, and it received immense appreciation during social distancing times. 

Wrap Up 

Among Us became a major hit, and now several others are lined up to take their share of fame. So if you like Among Us, make sure to try these games too. 

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